About us

Doric Shipbrokers S.A. was established in Greece in 1994 as a comprehensive dry cargo brokering company.

A sale and purchase division , covering most types of merchant ships, and a research department have ensued enabling the company to be at the forefront of market developments .

In 2012 its reach was extended by a Brand & Trademark licensing agreement with Doric Shipbrokers USA operating out of New Jersey.

Doric Shipbrokers holds membership of, and is a panelist for, The Baltic Exchange in London.

The company is located in the Athenian suburb of Vouliagmeni where its 30 staff members enjoy a cohesive and friendly working environment.

Doric Shipbrokers strives to make its sum stronger than the constituent parts.The development , personal foremost , of each member of the company is paramount to our raison d’etre .

Team play and respect for the opinions and contribution of each member are cherished values.


We strive :

  • To accumulate knowledge and process information
  • To innovate and sharpen our skills for adding best value to our clients
  • To maintain integrity in all circumstances
  • To remain steadfast to the ethics of our industry
  • To foster a reputation for Doric Shipbrokers that we and our successor brokers will be proud of.

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